Slicing Spanish Ham

Book title: Slicing Spanish Ham
“mastering the fine art of Slicing Spanish ham”
ISBN 978-84-613-1582-6
Size closed, 23x23cm
132 pages with 363 photographs. Plastified cover
Double page spreads illustrate the steps in slicing Serrano,
Ibérico or shoulder ham from the bone.
Author, designer and photographer: Pilar Esteban-Ordorica.
Graduated: West Surrey College of Art and Design (England)
More information:

Here is the first book to show how to slice
Spanish ham. Master slicer Jose Angel Muñoz
from Granada, guides you, step by step,
through the fine art of ham slicing

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional
in the restaurant and catering business, you
will learn how to slice ham and improve your
cutting skills.
Get practical results while discovering the
pleasures and surprises of slicing ham
immediately before it is eaten.
Enjoy and share this delightful experience!

Book contents
The master slicer of Spanish ham
Basic information about Spanish hams
Before you start: Information and advice
Security, hygiene, aesthetics and preparation
Tools for slicing
How to cut Spanish ham or shoulder, Serrano or Ibérico
The Maestro: Stories about famous master slicers

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